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Screencast as this practice is normally called is a digital recording of computer screen which could also contain audio qualities. Screen recording has proven to be a great means of demonstrating in a visual format for others to learn from, now an educator can show his students how to do something or solve a problem via screen recording. Seminars have been organized and knowledge passed on via this technology.

Now I know you are itching to get started, I will try and list here some screen recording software applications you can download and  simply start using them. So of this software make great screen recordings….

Windows Media Encoder :

Screen recording

The windows media encoder is also a capturing application that can capture both audio and video.

CaptureFox (Firefox add-on):

This is a firefox add-on that can record screen frame-by-frame to create tutorials and can also record audio.


This is an open source screen recorder software which has the ability to record every movement on your screen and also audio activity on your computer.


This can take both screenshots and video capture. Its editing ability makes it outstanding among the list. If you have any contribution to add to this blog post, please use the comment box below. I will like to hear from you. You should also Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.

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