Record Screencast with VLC media player

Screencast or Screen recording as it is popularly known is a practice of recording your computer screen. VLC media player is a great media player application that plays all media formats.  There are so many things this application can do and one of them is the ability to record a screencast. You can now create your video tutorials easily and start making money on Youtube of course.

So I am going to teach you how you can use your VLC media player to record your screen and make a video.  Now I am assuming you already have the VLC media player installed on your computer, else you may have to go to Filehippo or Videolan’s website  to download this great application. After the download install and launch the application.

How to  record screencast with VLC media player:

The process of recording screencast with VLC media player is quite an easy one. Follow the steps below carefully and learn how you can successfully record your screencast using the VLC media player.

Launch your VLC media player.

Click on View, then choose Advanced Control from the drop down menu (a new recording  tab will be added to your  media player) Next, click on media and select Open capture Device, a new window will pop up, select Desktop on step 1,  then make the frame rate 10f/s in step 2, Click on show more options on step 3 and tick the play another media synchronously if you have already recorded an audio for your screencast on step 4 and lastly click on Play on step 5.

Click on the record button to start recording your screencast, quickly minimize your VLC media player.

On completion of your recording, go back and click on the record button you clicked earlier to stop the recording. VLC media player will then save your recording in an .avi format.

I hope the steps are quite easy to follow? By now you should’ve been recording your screencast with VLC media player.  I hope you find this blog post interesting,  If you have any contributions to make about Record Screencast with VLC media player, please use the comment box below and tell me what you think about this blog post, feel free to share this post with your friends.  Remember to  Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email.


  1. Derek says

    Another great article from u bro.
    thanks i use fs capture for videos
    and its kinda easier than this vlc stuff

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