Pidgin: How to chat with multiple chat networks at once


Pidgin: Pidgin is a chat program that can allow you to log in to multiple chats networks at a time. Yes, you heard me right, with Pidgin you can be chatting with your friends on Yahoo chat, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook and many more at once in a single interface. Imagine your best friend prefers using Facebook chat but your girl friend prefers Yahoo messenger and your colleagues prefers Google Talk and you have a need to connect with all this people at the same time, it will be tedious to connect your Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk chat clients at once jumping from one chat client to the other to reply your messages. But with Pidgin you can have your entire chat client joined in one so you can access all your friends at once.

I am not writing a review for this software rather my main aim of writing this blog post is to introduce you to this all-chat- networks-in-one chat client that will make your chatting experience better. Pidgin is used by millions of people worldwide and it supports numerous chat networks like AIM, Google Talk, IRC, MySpaceIm,Sametime, Zephyr,Bonjour, Groupwise,MSN,SILC,XMPP,Gadu-Gadu,ICQ,MXit,SIMPLE,Yahoo etc and can even support many more with Plugins.

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The most interesting side of Pidgin is with its features. Pidgin can transfer files, has custom smilies, typing notifications to notify you when someone is typing etc.  Pidgin is compatible with several operating systems like Windows, Linux etc.

How to get started with Pidgin: Start by downloading Pidgin from one of the download links above; install it once you’ve downloaded it. Remember to ensure your internet connection is on while installing Pidgin because it will have to download some of its component that is not on the installer.Launch the application on completion of installation, a pop up will ask you to add an account, click on add.

Then choose the type of account you want to add from the protocol under basic tab. Then fill your username and password correctly and choose add below. Then wait a while for your account to connect and your friend list will be displayed.

Add more account as much as you want from the Accounts on the buddy list and start chatting with all your friends from different chat networks simultaneously.

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