How to tag a friend in a Facebook post

You may have seen an update with a clickable link of your name or a friend’s name on it and now you are wondering how possible that is…..I am going to show you how to tag a friend in a Facebook post.

How to tag a friend in a Facebook post:

1. Login to your Facebook account here
2. Click on the “Update Status” on your home/ profile page

3. Compose whatever update you will want to post, when you want to tag someone (or plenty) people, use the ‘@’ symbol followed by the persons name without a space between the @ sign and the name. For example you want to tag me on a status and I am already your friend on facebook, see the example thus: I want to come to you house todat@Nwosu mavtrevor Desmond (where Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond is my Facebook name). It’s easy because the names suggestions will immediately bring out the list of all your possible friends for you to chose from.

4. Chose the name you want to tag and post the update and you will see the name tagged on the update.

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    Awesome site. Very informative and nice design. I really like your posts and your style.

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