How to download torrent with internet download manager

Downloading torrent with internet download manager or any other download managers except torrent client has been impossible for a very long time but today I am going to show you a simple trick to download torrent with internet download manager or any other download manager of your choice. For those that do not know what torrent means, I will recommend you read my earlier blog post on “Best BitTorrent Clients”. There I explained what torrents are and the different torrent clients you can use to download torrent files but today I want to show you how you can download torrent files using internet download manager IDM or any other download manager of your choice.

I know many websites and bloggers have written about how you download torrent with internet download manager using, I don’t know if that website still works. My trick is different and simpler though it may take a little time but it’s the easiest way for now.

How to Download Torrent with Internet Download Manager:

The method I am going to introduce to you today is a simple one, but first you may need to create a Dropbox account. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account Click here to register one for free now. You can also read my earlier blog post “Dropbox: Online file storage and synchronization” to know more about Dropbox.

Next is to create an account with Boxopus. Boxopus is a freeware online service that downloads torrent files directly to your Dropbox account. You can also use your Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox account to sign into Boxopus website. You will have to connect your Dropbox account and authenticate it.

Then go to your preferred torrent site like piratebay and download the torrent file of whatever you want to download. A torrent file is the file that contains all the necessary details of the file you want to download and this can only be read by a torrent client. Then upload the torrent file into your Boxopus account, click on the “start download” button and their system will start downloading the torrent to their server, on completion of download, Boxopus will transfer the files to your Dropbox.

A folder called “boxopus” will be created in your Dropbox account where the files will be transferred into. In some cases they may not be able to transfer the file to your Dropbox account you may have to download it directly from their server. Now you can download the file from either their server or your Dropbox account with internet download manager or any other download manager of your choice.

I know one may be wondering why don’t I simply download straight using torrent clients? The reasons are quite simple, sometimes torrents may download slowly, and the download speed may drop to zero. So many factors may affect your torrent downloads. Some internet connection forbid torrent downloads sometimes. There are endless reasons why I prefer to download my torrent files to my Dropbox account first before downloading to my computer using IDM for faster download speeds.

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  1. Nwosu Mavtrevor says

    Definitely a downside i hope they do something about it….i still see this method faster than downloading with torrent clients.

  2. Louie says

    Thanks for the info. I am always on for good downloading programs because there are some sorry ones out there right now.

  3. jai says

    plz tell about more like sites which provides free downloading through torrent files

  4. ONORIODE says

    how do you connect your dropbox to your bopoxus account it keep telling this We can’t deliver files to your Dropbox at the moment but they can be downloaded from our servers within 24 hours after we get them from the web.

  5. says

    Sometimes they have that connection issue but you can start your download from their own server directly. The only downside is that the download may not be resumable so ensure you have a steady internet connection and power supply.

  6. Samy Abdelhamid says

    There’s a much simpler/quicker way to do this without using Dropbox. The solution is using The free version allows to download files up to 1 Go and you’re limited to only 2 downloads simultaneously. Once you’re on IDM, you have the option of Pause/Resume as any direct download. It’s working perfectly fine for me.

  7. sajib says

    How to connect dropbox with Boxopus. I create account in Boxopus, but account is not create. How to create a account in Boxopus.

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