Google Chrome: How to take screenshots on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is definitely my best browser for so many reasons like stability, speed, security, privacy, ability to sync etc. I hope you read “Why you should choose Google Chrome ahead of other browsers”  . Most especially I love Google Chrome because of the numerous extensions that make browsing experience awesome. Taking a screenshot of your entire web browser has been a task many folks find difficult to carry out. Normally, using the “Print Screen” key on your computer keyboard is not really the best option as you can be able to only capture what is displayed on your screen alone.

Webpage Screenshot  is an extension in Google Chrome web store that can allow you to save an entire webpage as an image. No matter the length of the web page, Webpage screenshot will capture it all and save it as an image. You can edit and share with your friends instantly.


The feature of the extension is overwhelming. Webpage screenshot has the ability to add text, crop any portion very fast, upload and share on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and MySpace etc. Captured images can be directly printed from the printer, etc….

To install Webpage Screenshot on your Google Chrome, click here to get started. During download and installation, you may encounter a security warning, accept it as it is harmless and continue with your application download and installation.

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