Facebook Tips: How to know who deleted you on Facebook

Everyday there is a decrease in the number of friends you have in Facebook yet you don’t know who deleted you on Facebook, today I am going to teach you how you can find out easily which of your friends has deleted you from Facebook.

I intend to keep this post as simple as possible with simple explanations to the images attached to this post to explain it for you and guild you to successfully find out who deleted you on Facebook. Even if you know all your friends by heart it may take you a while to find out which of them has deleted you on Facebook.  An easier way of knowing not just that a friend has deleted you but knowing which friend actually deleted you is by the use of a plugin called Unfriend Finder.

Unfriend Finder is a Facebook plugin or script as the case may be that notifies you when a friend has deleted you from their friend list when installed. So follow the steps below carefully to install the Unfriend Finder plugin to your browser.

Steps to finding out which of your Facebook friends has deleted you from their friend list:

  1. Download Unfriend Finder: Unfriend finder is compatible with most browsers, simply visit the download page of the Unfriend Finder’s website and download the plugin.
  2. Install the add-on (For Firefox) or extension (Google Chrome) as the case maybe.
  3. Restart your browser and visit your Facebook account you will notice the new tab added to your Facebook account.

    Unfriend Finder

  4. And another one on the footer near your chat list.

  5. Now when anyone deletes you from their friend list in Facebook you will be notified. Remember this application cannot detect who has removed you before you installed it, it will take effect from the moment you installed it.
I hope you find this application useful to finding out who has deleted you on Facebook. Tell me what you think about it with the comment box below. Feel free to share this post with your friends.  Remember to Subscribe to NetMediaBlog Feeds by Email. I hope you read my last blog post on “How to stop people from posting on your Facebook Timeline” ?


  1. says

    Thanks for the tips on how to know when a friend deletes one on Facebook. In actual fact, that one does not bother me. It’s even better for me not to know, as it would be painful and humiliating to know.

    What I need, rather, is how to delete a friend on Facebook. I have looked everywhere without finding it. Moreover, it would be preferable if the ‘victim’ would not be able to know directly. I hate hurting feelings, including those of the ‘friends’ that have become a nuisance.

    Thank you for your good work.


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